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“Building beautiful bodies from the inside out”

-Lisa Anne


 Lisa Anne was born in Venice Beach CA; the Mecca of bodybuilding. Little did she know she would eventually become in love with the lifestyle of natural fitness and self improvement. After many years of struggling with food obsession which lead to an eating disorder at a young age, She was finally was able to find refuge in the gym and learn the correct way to work with the body; not against it.  She had a few amazing trainers (yes, trainers even need trainers) and began to immerse herself into fitness and learning more about nutrition and proper ways to build my physique. At the age of 19 her father suddenly passed away. He died in his sleep due to sleep apnea (he didn’t wear his mask) and underlying congestive heart failure (weakness of the heart). After losing him she had a very hard time realizing what was the purpose in the life changing loss. After spending a couple years in self destructive behaviors she realized she wanted more for her life and wanted to add more to the world around her as well. She realized how her love and passion for fitness and helping others could best honor her fathers memory. Lisa Anne’s main goal is to help others feel empowered and learn to heal themselves through proper nutrition and fitness. 


Someone asked me how I came up with my business name. They said "is it because you get what you put out?" I said, "Yes that's true! I like that!"

- Lisa Anne


Carma Fitness was founded in 2014 with the sole intention to help all individuals attain their best bodies and selves through exercise, proper nutrition and a strong foundation of making time for oneself, determination and persistent self love. Her approach is holistic in nature and I can show you how to feel better than you ever have through dedicated individualized programing. Lisa Anne and I'm an ACE certified personal trainer, CPR certified and AED certified, as well as fully insured!. She is a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and has a proven track record of successfully preparing many athletes to make their dreams of stepping on stage a reality. I specialize in hypertrophy (muscle development), sports conditioning, muscle imbalances, post and current prenatal training and extreme weight loss. Whether you need to lose your baby weight, have dreamed of stepping on stage, need to get into the best shape of your life for vacation, want to feel your best or just want to get healthier to be there for your kids years from now, Lisa Anne has proven methods that can help you succeed! 


Much love,

Lisa Anne


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